Your very own self-service locker
Prefer having exclusive access to your own locker, shared only with individuals of your choice? Utilize our self-service lockers available at various Easypick locations to securely share your keys or belongings.
Journalist | 16. July 2023
You decide how long you need the self service locker for! What suits you best? Inside the Easypick app, you can select either a 'Daily' or 'Monthly' basis. Simply make an upfront payment, and the locker is yours to keep for your chosen time. Please note that the locker is yours until it has been closed again for the second time. Therefore, remember to close your locker after use so that no further costs occur.

To switch locations with our Self-service lockers, you cannot do so freely like you can with our Chip. Therefore, please ensure to locate your nearest locker through our app or website. Look for the icon representing the Self-Service locker.

Figure 1: Self-Service Locker icon

You have two options to open your locker. The first option is to share a unique access code that corresponds to the specific location and your box. You can find this code within your user profile in our app and it is also included in the web link address you share. The access code is accompanied by a Location ID, which serves as the key to open your locker. Be cautious not to share this Location ID too far in advance to prevent unauthorized access by others. Another option is to easily open the locker through the Easypick app while in dialogue with your guest or friend.

Self-Service lockers are designed to be the size of a large wallet, allowing you to share items beyond just keys. If you wish to share larger items beyond bank cards or keys, we recommend using Easypick Thing. It is our service that facilitates sharing through our locations, providing storage space at each location. You can find a comprehensive list of all locations offering Easypick Thing in the app or on our website, identifiable by the corresponding icon.

Figure 2: Easypick Thing icon

The number of lockers available may vary at certain locations, especially during the summer and holiday season. To ensure availability and guarantee a locker, we recommend reserving in advance. This allows everyone, including yourself, to have predictability and peace of mind.

Previously, some of the lockers were under the ownership of Sharebox. We are currently in the process of transitioning all Sharebox cabinets to Easypick cabinets. However, during this transition period, you may come across cabinets that still bear the Sharebox logo and appearance. Regardless of the external branding, all operations will be handled seamlessly through the Easypick app.

ATTENTION! Support for these lockers is currently provided by Sharebox. If you encounter any issues with the lockers at the respective locations, please contact Sharebox at +47 40 43 32 29. The number is of course provided on each location.
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