Easy as Easypick
Easypick is one of the newest additions to the sharing economy.
A city concept primarily made to use for key sharing, but also designed for sharing smaller items in selected pick-up-points*.
Journalist | 26. January 2023
With Easypick, you can share keys and other objects in a flexible and safe way. Are you renting out your home or car? Does your cleaner needs the keys to the apartment? Are you selling something small, but can't meet in person? Are you on vacation and want someone else to have access in case something happens/someone you know needs something from the house?

Easypick is designed in a way that puts sharing your things in a system, safely and anonymously.
All you need to do is buy a chip at your nearest Easypick pickup location, and activate it with your mobile number at the terminal located by the cashier. Confirm the code you received via SMS, and you're ready to go.

This only needs to be done once per chip (the first time the chip is used). Remember to attach the chip to the item before you deliver it. You can drop off and complete registration at your own convenience, but it must be done before the item can be picked up again.

Download the app and get full access through the same number registered at the terminal. Activate and share a pickup code. To share a pickup code, simply press the small paper plane icon on the item with the attached chip that needs to be picked up. The pickup code is all the receiving person needs in order to pick up the keys or object. It’s as simple as that.
A link will be created when you share your pickup code with the paper plane icon. This is the link that you’ll share with the person who will pick up the keys. By clicking on this link, the customer will receive information about the pickup location with a map, opening hours of the store, and the possibility of support from Easypick.

The pickup code will also be a part of the link, so if the person who is picking up the object doesn't have internet, has turned on roaming or isn’t able to open the link at that given time, the code is already available without having to click on the actual link.You can assign the chip a custom name to create your own system of different chips with different purposes.
No one can pick up keys without a pickup code generated by you. You can easily receive notifications on the app, or via SMS, when the keys are picked up or returned. It’s possible to create multiple codes at the same time in order for you to be flexible, and give your customers or friends their own, unique pickup code as soon as an agreement is made.

A predictability if you have multiple arrangements at the same time. DO NOTE! Each code is designed for one-time use, but it is possible to establish a permanent code if desired in the app.
Easypick wants to create solutions that make your everyday life easier in a quick, safe and secure way. All control will lie with you as the owner, and you can easily decide who gets access. As soon as you have handed in the keys, with a chip, to your local store, you are, in a practical manner, an administrator for distributing codes.

You can choose to collect the keys back yourself after each use, but they can also be ready for the next person who needs them on a regular basis at the store, completely anonymously.

All they need to collect the keys is the code you have shared. You can also share a single chip, or your whole account, with your colleague or partner if you want more people to have permission to use your chips, or have an overview together with you.

*Objects are only available for sharing at specific locations. The service is called Easypick THING, and the size varies from smaller shopping bags to bigger suitcases. View map.

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