Storage close to you
At selected easypick locations you’ll find secure short-term storage spaces in your neighborhood. Suitable for everything between smaller bags to larger suitcases.
Journalist | 26. January 2023
A concept we’ve called Easypick THING. Designed to take care of your items for a shorter period. Perfect if your friend needs something, and you’re not able to meet them that day. Maybe your checkout is at 11 a.m., but your flight doesn’t take off before 9 p.m.?

Use Easypick THING to store your personal belongings in a safe and secure way. Just choose «Deliver goods/Lever ting» on the terminal by the cashier, and enter your phone number.

Everything is done through SMS and Vipps, and when the item is ready to be picked up; you’ll share or use your pickup code that was received on your phone when the item was delivered. It’s as easy as that! You can monitor the goods by creating, or by using your already existing, account through the Easypick app.
Safe and sound
Easypick THING is a supplement to the sharing economy. A way of thinking forward and making your everyday life as seamless and comfortable as possible. Our locations is open from early mornings to late nights, and some are even available 24/7. Making it more convenient for you.

The transaction of goods is independent of whomever’s working in the shop at any given time, and everything is placed in a secure way. Only you know what’s stored.

Do you have a credit card that needs to be with someone else? Do you need some tools exchanged in-between colleges? You can also return the goods on the same purchase within the 24h window if you only need the item for a short amount of time.
If you’re awaiting a package at your home door while you are still at your office the mailman can easily deliver the package at your nearest Easypick THING location, and forward the Vipps-request directly to your mobile phone.

Are you selling something online, and the person buying it is living in the same city? We like to think of ourselves as an addition to delivery services that picks up the package in the middle of the night at your front door, with no security until it’s actually received.

Easypick THING gives you that security. Only you limit the possibilities of what Easypick THING can be used for. Use your imagination and share away!