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Share your keys at a Pick-Up-Point near you.

Drop-off your keys or things at a Pick-Up-Point. Your CHIP can be used anywhere at any time, at any of our Pick-Up-Points.

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A Pick Up Point location. The place where you can pick up or drop off a key or a thing.


A location with over the counter service. You will find the terminal in the cashier area.


A Chip, you can buy this at the pick-up-point and activate it using the terminal. Attach chip to keyset. Send pick-up codes through the app.

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Self service locker at this pick up point. Share access link to open up locker for guest.


Share things on selected locations with easypick THING services. Select between Small or Large items. Use the Easypick terminal.

OPEN 24/7

A locations that opens 24 hours each day. Some days could differ throughout the year.

Get started today with key sharing and simplify your life.

A great and safe way to share your keys and things when you cannot meet up in person. Enjoy the flexibility and extra time given to your daily life.

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Buy a CHIP at any Pick-Up-Point for only 49,-

After purchasing, attach the chip to your keys and begin utilizing the Easypick key service.

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Key with Easypick Chip
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Pay 39,- per initiated 24-hour period of storage time. No subscription needed.

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UNLIMITED terminal_icon

249,- /month*


Unlimited pick-ups and drop-offs and unlimited storage time. Start and stop the subscription through the app at your convenience.

* Per key/chip per month. The price is 149,- /month for each key after the first.

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DAILY locker_icon


Within 24-hours.

Pay 49,- for limitless use of service within 24 hours. Automatically renews each day until cancelled. Lockers must be booked via the app.

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MONTHLY locker_icon



Monthly subscription, Limitless use, No commitment period, lockers must be booked via the app.

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Easypick Box
THING thing_icon

Starting from only 39,-

Price per item.

Share small and large items at selected pick-up-points. Open the map and click on the Easypick THING icon in the left corner to see these locations.

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Use Pick-Up-Points
to temporarily share things. Easy and safe!

Easypick THING is now available in selected Pick-Up-Points. Drop-off small or large things for someone else or yourself to pick-up later.

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Image showing Easypick Share objects
Squirrel holding an Easypick chip

Digitize your Keys with Easypick CHIP.

As an owner of an Easypick CHIP you have the following advantages:

  • You have access to all of our public Pick-Up-Points.
  • Your key is anonymous, and therefore more secure.
  • Anyone can use it, even without you being present.
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Download the app to start sharing your Pick-Up-Codes

Manage your keys and Pick-Up Codes using the Easypick app. Only the key owner needs the app - that's it.

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Key detail screen


Get full control of your keys. Create new Pick-Up codes, check the event log, add a personalized description and much more.

Key notifications menu


Set your personalized notification rules depending on your needs.

App's map

Find locations

Find your favourite Pick-Up-Point and start sharing!

Get notified when your keys are Dropped-Off or Picked-Up. It's as easy as that.

We provide push, e-mail and SMS notifications. Automatic push reminders are available if your keys are not delivered as scheduled. Enable these features in the Easypick app.

App notification

Easypick phone support is available 24/7.

Please call us at:
+47 23 65 33 01

For inquiries that is not immediate support requests.
Please send us an email on

Cashier with Easypick Terminal

The Easypick Terminal is located in the cashier area.

Easypick terminal
Squirrel guarding a bank vault

Use self
service lockers on selected locations.

Self service lockers are placed on the wall inside a shop. Look at the map to show what locations have a self service locker.

Our goal is allowing you to share your stuff without having to change your plans.

We do it by offering a number of solutions to fit your necessities, from sharing keys to exchange objects.

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Your keys and things are stored safely with available surveillance.