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Share your keys at a Pick-Up-Point near you.

Drop-off your keys or things at a Pick-Up-Point. Your CHIP can be used anywhere at any time, at any of our Pick-Up-Points.

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A Pick Up Point location. The place where you can pick up or drop off a key or a thing.


A location with over the counter service. You will find the terminal in the cashier area.


A Chip, you can buy this at the pick-up-point and activate it using the terminal. Attach chip to keyset. Send pick-up codes through the app.

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Self service locker at this pick up point. Share access link to open up locker for guest.


Share things on selected locations with easypick THING services. Select between Small or Large items. Use the Easypick terminal.

OPEN 24/7

A locations that opens 24 hours each day. Some days could differ throughout the year.

Get started today with key sharing and simplify your life.

A great and safe way to share your keys and things when you cannot meet up in person. Enjoy the flexibility and extra time given to your daily life.

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Buy a CHIP at any Pick-Up-Point for only 49,-

After purchasing, attach the chip to your keys and begin utilizing the Easypick key service.

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Key with Easypick Chip
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Pay 39,- per initiated 24-hour period of storage time. No subscription needed.

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249,- /month*


Unlimited pick-ups and drop-offs and unlimited storage time. Start and stop the subscription through the app at your convenience.

* Per key/chip per month. The price is 149,- /month for each key after the first.

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Within 24-hours.

Pay 49,- for limitless use of service within 24 hours. Automatically renews each day until cancelled. Lockers must be booked via the app.

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MONTHLY locker_icon



Monthly subscription, Limitless use, No commitment period, lockers must be booked via the app.

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Easypick Box
THING thing_icon

Starting from only 39,-

Price per item.

Share small and large items at selected pick-up-points. Open the map and click on the Easypick THING icon in the left corner to see these locations.

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Use Pick-Up-Points
to temporarily share things. Easy and safe!

Easypick THING is now available in selected Pick-Up-Points. Drop-off small or large things for someone else or yourself to pick-up later.

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Squirrel holding an Easypick chip

Digitize your Keys with Easypick CHIP.

As an owner of an Easypick CHIP you have the following advantages:

  • You have access to all of our public Pick-Up-Points.
  • Your key is anonymous, and therefore more secure.
  • Anyone can use it, even without you being present.
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Download the app to start sharing your Pick-Up-Codes

Manage your keys and Pick-Up Codes using the Easypick app. Only the key owner needs the app - that's it.

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Key detail screen


Get full control of your keys. Create new Pick-Up codes, check the event log, add a personalized description and much more.

Key notifications menu


Set your personalized notification rules depending on your needs.

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Find locations

Find your favourite Pick-Up-Point and start sharing!

Get notified when your keys are Dropped-Off or Picked-Up. It's as easy as that.

We provide push, e-mail and SMS notifications. Automatic push reminders are available if your keys are not delivered as scheduled. Enable these features in the Easypick app.

App notification

Easypick phone support is available 24/7.

Please call us at:
+47 23 65 33 01

For inquiries that is not immediate support requests.
Please send us an email on

Cashier with Easypick Terminal

The Easypick Terminal is located in the cashier area.

Easypick terminal
Squirrel guarding a bank vault

Use self
service lockers on selected locations.

Self service lockers are placed on the wall inside a shop. Look at the map to show what locations have a self service locker.

Our goal is allowing you to share your stuff without having to change your plans.

We do it by offering a number of solutions to fit your necessities, from sharing keys to exchange objects.

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Your keys and things are stored safely with available surveillance.

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What does the service cost?

We have two different types of membership plans: Easypick ONE and Easypick UNLIMITED. Easypick ONE is pay-per-use, ie. you only pay if you actually use the service. The price is 39 NOK for each started 24-hour period of storage, up to a maximum of 599 NOK per month per key. Easypick UNLIMITED gives you unlimited shares and storage time for 249 NOK per month per key. The subscription can be cancelled at any time.

How does Easypick work?

First, buy and activate a CHIP at one of our Pick-Up-Points. Next, attach the CHIP to the keychain, and drop it off by scanning it on the Easypick terminal. Finally, share the Pick-Up Code in this app with the person who will pick up the key. Enter the Pick-Up Code on the terminal to pick up the key.

I need a new chip, how can I get one?

Go to your nearest Pick-Up-Point, buy a chip and activate it on the terminal. The chip will automatically appear in the app.

I've lost my chip, what do I do?

A chip can only be used to drop off a key, and can not be exploited by a third party. You may deactivate your chip after clicking the More options button on the bottom of the key page.

Can I move my chip to a different account?

Yes! You may move your chip to another person's phone number/Easypick account under the More options button at the bottom of the key information page. The recipient does not need to have an Easypick account in advance. This service is free of charge.

Is there a limit to how long a key can be stored at a location?

No! Your keys can be in storage as long as you wish at any location. However, please be aware that if you do not have an Easypick UNLIMITED subscription you will be charged 39 NOK for each initiated 24-hours of storage time. Please see Membership plan under Account Settings in this app for more info.

How do I activate the chip?

The chip must be activated at the Pick-up point, where the chip was bought. At the terminal, near the checkout and press the “ Activate new chip” button and follow the easy instructions on the screen to activation. Once the chip is activated you can start key sharing. The chip needs to be activated only the first time to start the service.

Can the chip be used on all Pick-up points?

Yes, the chip can be used on all Pick-up points that offer Easypick service. Please see locations here.

How many chips can I have on my Unlimited subscription?

You can have up to 3 chips (keys) for only 20 € per month. -Beyond that it costs 7€ per activated new chip.

I´ve lost my chip. What do I do?

Enter the app, in the section “My Keys”, tap on the lost chip, then tap “Lock chip”. Buy a new chip in the store.

Can I transfer the chip to another user?

Yes, let us know and we'll move the chip to the other account. Approval from the new user is required.

It's sold out for CHIP in the store, what do I do?

Ask the staff to order new chips or let us know in the Easypick chat. You can also go to another Pick-Up Point and buy a chip there.

How do I activate my chip?

All chips must be activated in the terminal. Chips that are not activated in the terminal are inactive and will not provide access to the Easypick app and service. Press "NEW CHIP" on the screen in the terminal and place the chip at the opening in the bottom of the terminal. Follow the simple on-screen instructions. The instruction can be displayed in either Norwegian or English.

What is an Easypick chip?

An Easypick chip is a passive RFID receiver that contains your unique digital identity.


Does everyone need the app?

No, you only need the Pick-Up Code to pick up the key, and only the CHIP to drop it off again. Only the owner of the key needs to have the app in order to manage the Pick-Up Codes.

Does the person who´ll retrieve my keys also have to download the Easypick app?

No, only the key owner needs to download the app. You only need to manage and send a simple pick-up code to the person who will pick up the keys and you´ll receive a simple push notification in the app when your keys has been picked up. You can choose the notifications via Push (free), email (free) or SMS (NOK 5,- per sms)

I can not log in to the app?

First check if you are connected to the internet either through 4G or Wi-Fi. If you still can`t enter, check if you´ve entered the correct telephone number or password.

You can also try to log in via PC / WEB browser via the website:
Click on the "login" tab on the right side of the home page.

I forgot my password, what do I do?

Press “Forgot password” and follow the instructions described in the app.

I´ve changed my phone number.

It will be fine, go in the app and click on “change user”.

I don't have a smartphone, can I still use the Easypick service?

Yes, you can log in via a web browser, remember to activate the chip to access the service.

Can you register with a foreign telephone number?

We only support Nordic numbers, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish.

How do I delete the Easypick app?

Go under my profile, delete user.


Can I deliver my keys at all Pick-Up Points?

Yes, you can deliver your keys at all Pick-Up Points that offer the Easypick service.

What do I do if there are technical challenges on Pick-Up-Points?

No worries, leave your keys, with chip, as normal to the staff and let us know through the support for Easypick, and we´ll assist you. If the key is to be picked up, contact us, and we will assist with remote assistance. We will ask for identification when the keys are retrieved.

The opening hours of my convenience store do not match or are now closed?

It is up to each individual user to acquaint themselves when the store opens or closes before you deliver or extract keys. We recommend that the keys are retrieved in good time before a possible closing time, at least 2 hours before it closes. It must be taken into account that the stores may change their ordinary opening hours during all holidays, public holidays, weekends etc.

Opening hours can also vary during a pandemic. Please contact your local convenience store about opening and closing hours.


What are pickup codes?

Consists of a 6-digit code that you will find inside the Easy Pick app. In the main menu, tap "My keys" and select your chip. New pick-up codes are automatically generated in the app when handing in keys with a chip on Pick-Up-Points.

Can I pre-generate pickup code even if I have not delivered my keys?

Yes, go to the section for "my keys", tap on your chip and press the orange button "pre-generate" pickup code "- send the pickup code with a link to the user.

Can I get a fixed pickup code?

Yes, you can upgrade to fixed retrieval code inside the app. This only applies to users who have an Unlimited subscription. Go into the app and press "Upgrade to fixed retrieval code".


How does the self service locker work?

These are the steps on how to use the service.

For new users:

  • Download the app and register as a member.
  • Go to the location icon in the app and tap the location you want to use.
  • Tap book a locker and follow instructions in the app
How to pick-up:
  • Click on the web link you received.
  • Enter location ID on webpage.
  • Collect items and close the locker.
How to drop-off:
  • Click on the web link you received.
  • Enter location ID on webpage.
  • Drop-off item and close the locker.

How can I start to use self service lockers?

You need to download the app and select a subscription that suits your needs either DAILY or MONTHLY subscription. You can visit the pricing for detailed information.

What specific things can I store in a locker?

You can store keys or any portable things

Easypick THING

How big of an object can I store?

There are two subsription for this service: SMALL and LARGE. SMALL for a carrier bag size and as for LARGE for a larger carrier bag. For more information, you can visit the Pricing page.

How much does it cost to store a thing?

There are two subsription for this service: SMALL and LARGE. For SMALL, it only cost NOK 39,- and for LARGE costs for NOK 79,-. For more information, you can visit the Pricing page.

I want to store an item for more than 14 days, is it possible?

Please contact Easypick Support by sending message to or make a call to +4723653301

What happens if I store one thing for more than 14 days?

You will receive a Push / Email stating that you have kept over the max limit of more than 14 days and will be asked to pick up the item immediately. On exceeding storage times will your object be delivered to your local lost property office. Please note that the location and Easypick may charge an administration fee for removing the item from the location.

Easypick KEY

I have misplaced my keys somewhere and can not find it, it has an Easy Pick Chip, what do i do?

It happens once in a while that you are unlucky and lose your keys. If you have a Chip from Easypick, it is described on the back: "If found, please contact Easypick". When Easypick Support receives inquiries about keys that have been found on the street, we register it in our system and follow up on keys that have been recovered again. It may also happen that you suddenly get a push notification that your keys have been delivered to the closest Pick-Up Point. The most important thing you can do is let us know and we'll try to help you as much as possible. Remember to block your chip. Your ID is safe.

Delivery of key sets for Pick-Up-Points

Keep your key set as minimalistic as possible, optimally, only 1-2 keys + a chip attached to your keychain. Never put information or characteristics on the key set that can identify your identity or the use of the key.


Will my card information be deleted when I want to end my profile?

Yes, Easypick never stores your card information. You can rest assured after you delete your profile, all details will be removed.

How is my digital identity safeguarded and how do I remain anonymous?

Each user has a unique account which they can only access with their credentials such as phone number and passwords. Keep your credentials private and secure, don't share them with anyone else.

How are my keys stored?

All keys are kept safe and secure in our key cabinets of steel that are mounted on the wall behind the cashier. The key cabinets are only operated by staff and the staff is responsible for handing over the keys. When purchasing CHIP we keep your identity anonymous. The staff at Pick-Up-Points or outsiders do not have access to your name, residential address or telephone number. Delivery and collection of keys can be done safely and anonymously. Pick-up codes consist of 6 digits and are intended for single use. New pick-up codes can be generated in the app or upon delivery of keys in the terminal.